Are Those We Buy Houses Signs A Scam?

Hello all,

In this post I am going to be explaining the TRUTH behind those We Buy Houses signs and the people behind them.. First off let me say this, THEY ARE 100% LEGIT! In the Real Estate Investing community there is a sense of love, we only do deals the benefit everyone involved. We are not desperate buyers, we can let a deal go and there will be 10 more just like it! We prefer having an abundance mindset. I would say 99% of the people putting out those signs are also legit. Maybe, just maybe there is that 1% that can ruin the reputation for the rest of us, but they are probably not as knowledgeable as the rest of us!

I’ll explain a bit about how the business works for me and the rest of us other investors.

As a RE investor one of our main jobs is to market! We spend all day trying to get sellers, possibly such as yourself, to call and email us to try and sell us their property. When you have sellers reaching out to you everyday you are doing a good thing! Once the leads come in it is our job to help the sellers in their various situations. Some are behind on payments, some have unwanted property, some are divorcing, some are moving, and theres alot of other reasons why people sell property! Too many to count!

So as these leads come in we comb through and see what solution works best for each individual seller, in the event that we can’t help or create a win-win situation I usually recommend to list with a realtor. Each lead is analyzed to see why they are selling and what the property is worth, what the repair number is, and how much they are asking. In the event that we have a motivated seller that NEEDS to sell, and will take less than market value, we might have a deal!

Now once we have a good deal on our hands we can either keep it for ourselves, or pass it onto a partner that we think would fit their portfolio better. In any case, YOU the seller will still net the amount that was discussed! It is alot easier to sell to an investor than to list the house on the market with an agent, and I do find that people for some reason, don’t like dealing with agents.

Okay that’s all for today, will have more soon!


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